Research and Development

In-House R&D Laboratory

We offer a staffed lab to help our customers precisely develop product formulas for almost any size market run. This option is ideal for small manufacturers or distributors or for large companies desiring shorter runs for prototypes or promotional advertising specialties.

What sets us apart from other R & D facilities is that we do not charge a flat rate R & D fee. Fees are assessed based on your needs helping you to achieve your marketing goals quickly and cost effectively. Our vast inventory of raw materials and flavors allow us to make most samples at little to no cost to you. If there are any fees for unique raw materials, we will discuss this with you up front. We do encourage you to call and ask for samples of our stock products first as you will find they are of excellent quality and are perfect for small run marketing.

  • More than 500 in house formulas providing a variety of scents and textures for lip balms, lotions, creams, gels and other skin and body care products.
  • A variety of SPF strengths for sunscreens and other OTC products with sun protection. SPF 30 lotions, SPF 15 and 30 for lips and face sticks.
  • Stock hundreds of flavors and have hundreds more available to us. Challenge us to create something new!