Quality Control

Alliance Packaging Group is committed to producing products that meet and exceeds our customer’s expectations within the guidelines of the regulations set forth by local and national governing bodies including the FDA and Health Canada.

We understand and continually strive to ensure our processes and standard operating procedures (SOP) meet Current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP). Education and adherence to the code of federal regulations, specifically chapter 21, parts 210 and 211 is a continual process. Below are several key points of our Quality Control System as it relates to your product:

  • Raw materials and containers are thoroughly inspected prior to use
  • Product is inspected throughout all manufacturing phases
  • Characteristics of products such as water activity, organoleptic properties, pH, and viscosity are all monitored
  • Testing for actives are performed on all batches that contain active ingredients
  • Specifications and standards are used to ensure consistency of product
  • Labeling and documentation are reviewed to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Verification of product quality by an independent, third-party laboratory are performed
  • We qualify all our suppliers